Sunday, April 22nd, (moved from orignal date of 4/15) GRHC's Trail Pace, McDonald's Nature Preserve, Wilbraham, MA 

 Fun, competitive event where teams of 2 riders go out onto a marked loop at 10-minute intervals to see who can come closest to the time set by a team of pace set riders. Prizes to 3rd place with Ribbons to 6th.  Full meal after ride Call Jen at 413-467-9345 or e-mail at   

Entry fees: 40.00 Members, 45.00 non-members, 20.00, Jr. members, Jr. Non-members 23.00

10.00 Meal only (not riding) members, 15.00 Meal only (not riding) non-members  

        Click Here for entry form             You may pay online here. Please use the drop-down menu to pay the appropriate entry fee.




Sunday, April 29th (rain or shine)  GRHC's Natural Horsemanship Obstacle Course Clinic, Dufresne Park, 19 Taylor St. Granby, MA Both Arenas. 

Presented by Barb Macon of Sterling Rewards Natural Horsemanship. A great day of learning that will help you have better communication with your horse and make your horse a safer partner. There will be 3 group divisions, prices, and times. The clinic will begin at 10:00 AM as follows:

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Beginner For horses and handlers with no experience. Groundwork and individual instruction given .$55.00 Limited to 8 horses

 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Intermediate  For horses and handlers with some experience. Ground work and instruction given .
$45.00. limited to 12 horses

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM  Advanced For riders experienced with obstacles under saddle. Instruction available. $35.00 Limited to 20 horses

All fees are payable in advance by 04/20/18 call Barb to register Barb to register 

413-210-6516 Make checks to: Barb Macon, 1A Cook Road, Southampton, MA 01073