GRHC Board Of Directors

          Our board of direcotrs as ofAugust 2016 are: 

  Dan Dali  (President) 413-222-7315 
Dawb Archambault(Vice President) 413-265-7359
Diane Godek (Secretary)  413-527-9532
 Mark Girard  413-527-9532(Treasurer)
 Jailyn Rosario &  David Gonzalez  413-896-6627
Jen Moreau 413-467-9345
 Jim Picard  413-467-3031 

 Please consider volunteering to be on our board of directors. Call 413-527-9532 or e-mail for more information or to join the board.


GRHC's Thank You Members Ride
Sunday, November 6th, 2016
(no rain date)
             On Sunday, November 6th, 2016 we will bring back GRHC’s Thank You Members ride.  We have not had this ride in many years and we thought it would be nice to bring it back. So here's the scoop.  An entry form will soon be available on- line and sent directly by e-mail to members and friends.  The entry fee is free to current members and includes a light, but delicious hot meal after the ride. It is only $5.00 for non-members to pay for food. It will be at Dufresne Park trails in Granby, MA but it is unmarked. Most of the trails intersect each other and are marked by the town with paint on trees but they are very confusing in areas. There are many trails and as long as you turn around if you find yourself in some’s back yard and don’t cross a street, you will find your way back quickly. This will be a fun way to end the riding season, so join us.